DONNA - Late 30's. She doesn't quite get any style (doesn't even have her own style). She is caught in the 80s. Loves big hair bands. She is a single mom of a 13 year old boy (Dell) and works in a medical building office. She has a funny, sardonic relationship with her child. She keeps things light since they don't have much and tries to give him everything she can. She doesn't date much, not by choice but goes on a few dates and they are all wrong. She is comfortable being a homebody. Originally from Brooklyn, NY but moved to LA about 10 years ago looking for a fresh start from her cheating husband. Marie is her long time best friend. They grew up together. Even though Donna tries to keep Marie on the straight and narrow and always bail her out of trouble, sometimes it's Marie who bails out Donna. Although polar opposites they are the best complement to each other.

MARIE - Early 40's. She is tall and thin complete with long manicured nails, tattoos, a leather biker jacket and hails from the Bronx. She doesn't care what anybody thinks and does things in her own unique way. She has been married and divorced 5 times and counting. She is a single mother of 3 kids (Mario jr, Zena and Sammy). She loves to ride but only Harley's. Donna is her best friend. She constantly tries to bring out the playful side of her and get Donna to live on the wild side. She says she wants to get her life together but can't really seem to do it and is actually comfortable in chaos most of the time. Marie mostly gets rescued by Donna and returns the favor by keeping life "interesting" for Donna. She has been to 200 Grateful Dead concerts. She keeps all her tickets from each concert hung on her wall. Her M.O.- Bad luck with bad guys.

DELL - 13 years old. Taller than his mom, brown hair, brown eyes, no denying he is Donna's son by looking at him. He is heavy set but an extremely good looking child. Charismatic. Sweet. Charming. Personable. Funny. He respects and loves his mom but gives her a hard time as any teenager would. Even as a young kid he has always had a way with the ladies, especially the older ones. Even though he is a typical teenager, he is wiser than his years and has much more of a smart wit than his peers.

MARIO JR. - 16 years old. He is the youngest son of Marie. A big guy with a baby face, who wins people over with his smooth talking. Wherever he walks into a room, he owns it immediately. He's been making deals, shaking hands and kissing babies since he could speak. A product of Marie's 3rd marriage. Mario's dad was a sailor who passed through town. He is currently doing time in a local jail for hanging out with shady customers but will not rat out his "friends". He manages to maintain his 'mayor' status behind bars.

ZENA - 17 years old. She is the middle female child who is beautiful, but a total tom-boy. On the outside typical pretty teen on the inside tough as nails like her mom. She is the rock that keeps her family together. She keeps tabs on the house and an eye on her brothers. She can kick their butts and they know it. She runs things when her mom is not around. A product of Marie's 2nd marriage. Her dad was a cop. People tell her she should be a model but she's always been more interested in kicking butt than showing it.

SAMMY - 20 years old. He is 5'11 and stocky, with tattoos. He is the oldest son of Marie. Has 1 year old kid with his current girlfriend. He is the sweet, soft spoken, silent type. He never really picked a direction in life and kind of looks for the women to take care of him. His father was a mechanic. He works in a comic book store and as a busboy (for the free food) to take care of his girlfriend and child and changes jobs like the wind. Even though he is irresponsible when it comes to his jobs, he is an excellent father and a rock for his family.
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